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My Newest Silly Kids Poem


I feel sort of groggy
I might need a snooze
My eyelids are drooping
My brain is confused

I remember a time
When I wasn’t so old
I tried to avoid
When ‘ere I was told

That I needed to sleep
Take a nap, just recharge
Yet now it’s a dream
Just a hope writ large

As a matter of fact
I’m feeling right now
That I might drift off
Before I finish thi...


Silly Picture of Me



Let's have some fun! If you have a child or grandchild that would like a personalized poem... Send me some information or significant words that describe your child; personality, a pet, likes or dislikes, interests, or any other information and I'll give it a try.

No guarantees as it depends on how much time I have and how many requests I get. But I'll do my best.


Sounds like fun!

About the Silly Poems

These poems are written for fun, for entertainment and to MAYBE stimulate creativity in kids of all ages.

(I'll show you how I write them later. : -)


Usually the poems come on me all of a sudden: when I'm on a run, trying to read a book or watch a movie, or even waking me in the middle of the night. But, whenever they spill out of my head, I have to write them down quickly before they disappear forever.

Some poems are not as silly as others. I was quite surprised to see that some of my readers said that these 'not as silly poems' were their favorite poems.

I am also illustrating the Silly Kids Poems as I find the time. Watch for the time lapse buttons if you want to see how I draw and paint the illustrations.


"These poems are so cute and creative! They're sure to leave your kids laughing and thoroughly entertained!"

Ericka Corban

Singer, Songwriter, and Superstar

A breath of fresh air in the world of poetry. Sure to be a star!

I made this one up!

Love the poems... and the paintings are a delight!

This one too.

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