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Banana strings and other things
That make me want to puke.
I spit and gag and cough it up
My stomach does rebuke.

I try my best, I really do
To pass it o’re my tongue.
But stringy squash and Lima beans
I just ‘bout cough up a lung.

Liver and onions, slimy fish
I just don’t think I can.
I know you say it’s good for me
It’ll help me be a man.

What’s that? Say what? If I don’t eat
Dessert is all but moot?
I guess I can, I’ll choke it down
Or MAYBE... I’ll hide it in my boot.

Banana Strings

I've got all of the pictures drawn and painted for


but I haven't put it all together yet. I hope to get that done soon.

Just reading this one makes me sort of queasy.

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