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I’m stretched out on the couch
Or under a tree.
Just reading a book
My adventures and me.

A trip to the stars
I jump on the moon.
I go back in time
Catch crickets in June.

A dangerous jungle
With vines dangling down.
A tiger so stripped
Follows me into town.

Adventures in pyramids
One thousand feet tall.
Or flying through blood
Incredibly small.

Bright worlds made brand new
Right in front of my eyes.
Anything that I want
I can just fantasize.

You need to get up
Get up off the couch.
The voice says to me
My mom’s such a grouch.

She wants me to play
To get sweaty and stuff.
I did that last week
I think that’s enough.



This was me growing up... almost. I do remember thinking,


"If I had to pick between reading and eating, I'd probably pick reading."

At least for a while.

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