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Brussel Sprouts are ghastly green
And, well, they are a sprout
The only thing I want to do
Is spit the smelly thing out

They make me gag and choke and cough
And feel all sorts of woozy
My first thought is... expectorate
My palate is, well, choosy

Not like carrots, yum, yum, yum
Or something quite delicious
As a piece of broccoli... ummm
Nope, sounds just too suspicious

Watch for what your parents say
Pay attention, stay alert
If you care just what I think
The Sprouts are a waste of dirt


Brussel Sprouts

BRUSSEL SPROUTS came to me as I was thinking about, and anticipating, Thanksgiving dinner.

And I know we all have our personal tastes and feelings about certain vegetables...

... but I'm pretty sure I'm right about this one.

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