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Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
My mother makes for me.
But dinner is the worst to eat
‘Cause there are vegetables, you see.

I do not like to eat them
Veggies make me spit and gag.
I think I’ll try to hide them
I wish I had a bag.

I put my tater in my nose
My mom she did not see.
So I slid my spinach off my plate
And wedged it behind my knee.

I stuffed my peas between my toes
No way she’ll ever find.
I flipped my broccoli on my sister’s plate
I know she wouldn’t mind.

The lettuce I put on my head
I’m sure mom hadn’t seen.
Now that my hair instead of brown
Had turned a lovely green.

The cauliflower in my ears
I thought it wouldn’t show.
How mom noticed in the end
I’m sure I’ll never know.

My puppy dog sat at my feet
With big brown eyes so sad.
So I gave him my asparagus
He left, I think he’s mad.

I almost got to eat dessert
Because I’d cleaned my dish.
Some things, of course, are never fair
I got caught, just like a fish.

How mom found out I’ll never know
Creamed corn, Oh, what a sight.
Inside her shoes that’s probably how
Not only left but right.

The corn sloshed out between her toes
Quite funny it was to see.
Today, tomorrow, and ever more
My mom is watching me.



Just so you know, I NEVER did this sort of things when I was a kid. And I'm not trying to be a bad influence on YOUR kids.

I actually LOVE vegetables...

...with the exception of green beans, of course, because they are disgusting.

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