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There's an elephant in my desk.

I hid him there one day

When my teacher wasn't looking

And now he's here to stay.

He took my neighbor's pencil

But my teacher didn't see.

So, of course, I got in trouble

It's not fair, not fair to me.

She thought that I was lying

Said she would have seen the trunk.

If an elephant had done the deed

And took my neighbor's junk.

He broke my teacher's chair

When he sat on it one day.

He left a present there for her

What kind I couldn't say.

He sits down on my lunch box

Peanut butter gets in his toes.

And when MY nose gets a tickle

It's my elephant's nose that blows.

He's really too much trouble

So I tried to take him home.

My pachyderm done run away.

Now I sit at school all alone.

Elephant In My Desk
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