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My parents are so old
At least thirty, maybe more.
Getting fat, going bald
Just barely fit through the door.

Yet they tell me that I
Should get fit, go run around.
Get out of the house
Play with friends, yet I've found

That it's they who should go
To the gym, start to sweat.
Lose some weight, drop some fat
I should say, but I bet

That if that's what I said
Then I know as do you.
That the chase would be on
Where to go, what to do.

Though my legs may be short
Young and fast, I can taunt.
Now I run and they chase
Least they got what they want.


As usual, I have no idea where this Silly Poem came from... but it seems apropos to the Holiday Season.

Here's to hoping your kids think it's Silly and funny.

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