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My Cat used my Fish for a slipper
He slipped and he slid ‘cross the floor.
He went running around
Till he almost fell down
Then his tail got caught in the door.

The cookie jar fell off the counter
With a CLUNK it did land on his head.
He staggered around
Till he almost fell down
With a CONK he slid under my bed.

The jar on his head, the Fish on his foot
Tied on by one of his whiskers.
He went sliding around
Till he almost fell down
Then went SPLAT in the cookie dough mixer.

“I’m tired of this,” said the Fish to the Cat
Get your foot off my face and my fins.
The Fish swam around
The Cat still fell down
Said Fish to Cat, “At least you’re not twins.”

Once again, I'm not sure where FISH SLIPPER came from. But it's definitely Silly... almost to the point of being nonsensical.

So I'm thinking your kids will think it's Silly and like it.

Fish Slipper
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