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The cat in the toilet
The dog in the fridge
The window broke out with a bat.
I wasn’t there, I don’t know, I swear it to you
It’s not me, I would never do that.

Who put the fish on my pillow
The grapes in my shoes
My toothbrush all covered with cat?
I think it was him, it might have been her
You know me, I would never do that.

My best art on the walls
With a permanent pen
In colors so bright and fat.
I’m not even home, I was out of the house
What? Me? I would never do that.

He touched me, she punched me
He’s looking at me
She’s thinking about me, what a rat.
The dog or hamster, but nope, no sir
No way, I would never do that.

“I didn’t do it, not me,”
I said to my dad
As he looked at my face with a frown.
It was her, it was him or somebody else
Finally dad sighed and went to lie down.


It's Not Me

I'm sure no other parent has heard THIS phrase when something unexpected happens.

I'm amazed at the creativity and speed of a child's mind when asked, "Who did this?"

And sometimes the answers are even funny.

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