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DAD and ME

I open my eyes
The sun's shining bright
The last day of summer
I think I just might

Go swim in the pond
Skip rocks in the stream
My choices are endless
It's every kid's dream

Bolt out of my bed
Jump into my clothes
I can't wait to get
Dirt under my toes

Oh no! Dad's awake
Looks excited to me
He has weird ideas
Not for him, but we

** he says **

We'll clean the garage
It'll be a great time
Dad's idea of fun
Is WAAAY different than mine

Though not my first hope
It's not really so bad
I really do like
Spending time with my Dad


I woke up this morning with this poem writing itself in my head. It's a warm Summer day that just happens to be in the first week of Autumn. I remember days that smell like this from when I was a kid... doing stuff with my dad.

 DAD and ME
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