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1, 2, 3

Stop doing that, I’ll count to three
I promise that I will
This is what my Mother says
When she has had her fill

I’m just playing with my brother
To keep him entertained
I think his hair looks good like this
He isn’t even maimed

My Mom yells, “One,” with two to come
And three’s not far behind
I’ve never heard Mom get to four
I hope I never find

If we’d be safe, I never thought
Perhaps she doesn’t know
What number comes right after three
I could suggest she go

Review her numbers beyond three
Go back to school to see
I should not have suggested this
Here it comes… 1, 2, 3


I don't especially like it when parents use this technique when raising kids and I always wonder what it sounds like from a kid's perspective. Probably some creative thoughts.

1, 2, 3
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