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I'm getting an allowance
My folks think that it's time
To learn the worth of money
Twixt a nickel and a dime

I'm not sure just how much I'll get
It's sure to be a bunch
I'll be as rich as Croesus
Just a guess, a little hunch

A list I'll make of things to buy
Out of my reach before
My brother fell down laughing
Rolled around upon my floor

You know they won't just give, he said
Some coin 'cause you're so cute
A list of chores you'll have to do
To earn you all that loot

I hope you find just what you want
Down at the Dollar Store
A dollar twenty five a week
And not a penny more


It's always amazing how little understanding kids have of the value of money... although the same can be said for some adults as well.

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