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I woke up this morning
My mind all AGLOW
An alphabet game
To find rhymes with O’s

BELOW flies a CROW
With DOUGH and EGO
Could be friend or FOE
To find rhymes with O’s

I guess I’ll just GO
Just dig or just HOE
To dig up some dirt
To find some INFO

I’ll ask my friend JOE
If someone might KNOW
To go high or LOW
Must find my MOJO

Please don’t tell me NO
I’m thinking, hmm, OH
To find me some rhymes
Might have to go PRO

To keep status QUO
But stay in my ROW
To find rhymes I need
To make things just SO

To find my O rhymes
To go TOE to TOE
A fun little game
More fun than UNO

At least there’s no proof
Of my search to find
A rhyme for YELLOW

My game’s at an end
My search for the O’s
To find me a rhyme
A rhyme with ZERO


I'm not sure why this thought occurred to me, but I thought I should write a Silly Kids Poem where all the rhymes sound like they end with the same letter. And then I thought, "And they should be in alphabetical order." Hmmm.

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