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There once was a cow with a Moo
Who said to the Sheep, there were Two
“Come look with me at our Cats, we have Three
Who have chosen to live in a shoe.”

The Dog at the door had some Pups
Count them Four, and a Hen who lived in the yard
With Five yellow Chicks
And the Rooster, that made Six
Who found flying to be rather hard.

The Seven purple Ducks were friends with the Pigs
Who liked to roll in the mud
The Eight of them laughed as they oinked and squealed
And watched the Cow chewing her cud.

The Horse herd was Nine and they galloped and ran
And played Horsey games down by the stream
Where the Ten silver Fish jumped and swam all day long
In the sunshine and summertime dream.


I just thought one day that I should write a counting Silly Kids Poem for the younger kids... and this is what came out.

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