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When summer does come
And longer days grow warm
People cast their shoes aside
Never donned never worn

Let your toes run free
To be warm in the sun
So the little piggies smile
At the beach, in the fun

But shoes I’ll keep on
Sand and feet never meet
‘Cause the feet in my family
Are, well, actually BEAR feet

A hairy Bear face
With sharp teeth and claws drawn
It’s probably for the best
That I keep my shoes on


For some reason, one day, I thought of words that sound the same. Like Bear and Bare. And that Bears would never wear shoes at the beach, so they would have bare Bear feet. Then I thought that might scare some people. In a Silly way I thought that people might be scared not because of a bear at the beach, but because of the bare Bear feet. Hmmm.

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