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BEST of the BEST

I’m not trying to brag
There are those who’ll attest
Or so I’ve been told
I’m the Best of the Best

Jump over the moon
Not a problem for me
Just watch for a while
I think you’ll agree

I’m the Best of the Best
At whatever I try
It’s good to be me
That’s the truth, no lie

I can sing, I can dance
I’m an artist for sure
I can do everything
You see the allure

The fastest, the smartest
I run, jump, and throw
More than anyone else
AND I make the most dough

I play trumpet and drums
The piano, of course
Saxophone and flute
All while riding a horse

I’m a spy beyond
SUPER secret I’d be
Double O seven
Has got nothing on me

I’m the Best of the Best
At whatever I do
Seems too good to be so
I’m sure that it’s true

Yet to my dismay
I am not what I seem
My alarm woke me up
It was only a dream


The last four lines came to me first and then I got to backfill the rest to match the ending.

BEST of the BEST
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