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Bookworms of course so very smart
They eat a LOT of books
And everyone knows Owls are sharp
Just look at how they look

They’re always asking questions
All day and all night long
WHOO this, WHOO that, WHOO everything
That just might be their song

Eagles are sharp we all know that
They’ve got the Eagle Eye
The Mallard Ducks I’ve come to know
All I can do is sigh

The Ducks that fly into my pool
While they are very nice
I’m not sure that they understand
I’ve told them more than twice

There is a beach ball in the pool
That says, “NO DUCKS ALLOWED!”
The ball is supposed to scare the ducks
Make them think there's a crowd

But when I'm swimming in the pool
They land right next to me
I’m pretty sure that Ducks can’t read
My hope is they won't pee


I wrote Birds and Words because someone actually did put a beach ball in our pool, thinking that it would scare the ducks so they wouldn't land in the water. But since the ducks land in the water when I'm swimming, they're either not afraid... or, I thought, they can't read.

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