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Got a bug in my eye on a run this morn
Don’t understand why he would do that
Can’t he see that I am a giant by size
While he is just the size of a gnat

“There’s no WAY!” I said, that the bug could win
While I picked myself up off the ground
If his friends could see I think they might say,
“Atta bug, Bert! You took that guy down!”

Not sure if bugs laugh, if they do I know
There’s a lot of bugs laughing at me
The next time I run I’ll be watching for bugs
A bug named Big Bert, especially


This Poem is somewhat self explanatory... from the first line. Of course the bug didn't really knock me down. But it was close! And it got me to thinking if bugs even see us giants coming their way. Or maybe they just don't pay attention.

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