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Do you want a cookie?
I was unsure just what to say
My Mother’s simple question
Was not, no how, no way

The answer I should give
That any kid would say for sure
“Yes, I would, yes please I would
It has to be a lure

Tricky trick to trick me
Make me admit to what I’d done
She has to know, there’s no doubt
It’s me, I am the one

That’s been sneaking cookies
I just can’t help it, they’re too good
I know there’s no good reason
I should admit, I should

Mom says that she loves me
Just take one, there will be no doom
I’ve eaten so many cookies
I just don’t have the room


I do this sometimes even though I'm all grown up. I'll sneak, or should I say snack on, so many cookies during the day that when my wife offers me a cookie I usually stuff it down so she doesn't know I'm already stuffed.

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