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Lay out on the grass
Cool breeze blows the sky
So peaceful, so calm
Then my brother walked by

The wind, oh, so nice
Just a moment ago
From pleasant to foul
The (cough) odor did flow

From what I can smell
I guess, I assume
He keeps a pet skunk
Tied up in his room

Like two week old milk
Curdled up on the floor
The smell sort of oozed
Out under his door

My nose was at ease
Till assaulted by THAT
I must have a plan
Must save me AND the cat

I’ve got to escape
While my brother I love
I’ve got to survive
When push comes to shove

I can not give in
Resigned to my doom
I think I might, OOPS
Spilled perfume in his room


I was on vacation, enjoying a relaxing morning, when a poem started to form in my head about my peaceful surroundings. I quickly figured out it was good but not funny in any way... so I added my brother.

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