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I found, by the pond, a fish on the path
I put him back into the pond
‘Cause I know he would want to be somewhere
Full of water, of which fish are fond

Then later that day in the VERY SAME place
When what to my wondering eyes
Yup, there was the fish, the VERY SAME fish
I must say it was quite a surprise

I picked up the fish, looked into his face
I asked, “Just why are you out of the drink?”
Birds gotta fly and, well, fish gotta swim
I’m perplexed, I don’t know what to think

“This is NOT going to work,” I said to the fish
You can’t just go flapping around
I’m not quite sure what you’re trying to do
I don’t think that your thinking is sound

I’m a curious fish, I just want to know
What’s to see from a bird’s point of view
Been stuck in the pond since the day I was born
I want to explore and see something new

But fish don’t gots feet, we can’t walk about
We just swim, and we swim, AND we swim
The view is the same every day of my life
My hopes for escape seem, well, slightly slim

So here’s what I do, get up every morn
Plan my day, get dressed, go outside
I hang a bowl ‘round my neck on a rope
Take my friend, Curious Fish, for a ride


I live someplace where it rains... A LOT! And after we had a lot of rain my fish pond overflowed and one of the fish swam out of the pond and started to swim down our garden path. I'm not sure where he thought he was going, but I made sure he got back to where he belonged. And then I wrote this.

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