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Tiddly-Winks and Pick-up Sticks
And Marbles and the like
They remember spending most of their youth
Just riding around on their bike

Hide and Seek til the dark of night
With kids around the block
Playing Kick Ball, Four Square and Games of Tag
Played outside until ten o’clock

I’ve heard it all so many times
Stories my parents tell
They speak as if t’was a magical time
Then use really old words like ‘swell’

I’m not giving up my iPhone
Not getting off the net
Not so sure how they kept track of their friends
I don’t intend to find out… yet

These days that my parents speak of
These times before my day
I just might admit they sound kind of nice
In a warm and soft sort of way


I was feeling nostalgic about when I was a kid and how strange my stories must sound to my kids.

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