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Flies have funny names, I think
Some silly, some absurd
There is one called the Dungfly, yup
You’re right, ‘cause it likes turds

There are flies of every kind
Some I like, some I won’t
Their names seem to associate
Some good, some bad, but don’t

Get trampled by a cow or two
Or three, or a stampede
When Cowflies buzz around your head
Best step aside indeed

Fireflies of course might burn
Their name gives us a clue
Best catch them in a jar, be safe
Blinks on and off for you

Butterfly’s a tricky one
Can’t spread its wings on bread
Tastes better probably to use
Jellies and jams instead

Mayfly, this one’s obvious
Its name gives it away
Can’t catch them in April or June
At least I’ve heard them say

If you spy a Dragonfly
The fly I like the most
You’d best look sharp, a wary eye
Before your toes are toast


I love Dragonflies. I started to think about all the other insects that have 'FLY' in their names and... voilà!

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