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I woke up with a super power
A surprise it was to see
That when I went to pet my cat
She jumped and looked at me

From my fingers came a shock
Like lightning from a storm
She stood there, puffy, claws all out
I waited to transform

I wrapped my blanket round my neck
My super cape to be
My fuzzy slippers on my feet
Great costume, you’ll agree

I sneaked up on my sister
And shocked her from behind
I yelled my name, ELECTRO-BOY!
I’m sure she didn’t mind

Stop shuffling your feet, she said
Her face a tad bit sour
If you don’t stop shocking me
I’ll find a super power


I was dreaming about having a super power like flying or being able to breath under water... and thought back to when I was a kid and my brothers and I would go around the house shuffling our feet trying to shock each other.

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