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Jimmy said he’d take me out
Little sister though I am
My first time out for trick or treats
Mom and Dad said that he can

I dressed up as a princess
Brother Jim he was a clown
With big shoes and a big red nose
And a smile, not a frown

Jimmy sometimes lies to me
This time he was really sweet
My bag was filled with chocolate
I’ll show you what’s best to eat

Dumped our treats out on the floor
Can’t decide just where to start
My brother said, “Oooo, eat this first.
You’ll LOVE it, I cross my heart.”

Minty sweet, a lovely green
Although there were some bubbles
Still, all in all it’s not too bad
Jim said, “Oops, here comes trouble.”

Mom came in and Jimmy ran
The back door came in handy
I don’t care what your brother said
Toothpaste is NOT candy


I have heard tell of older brothers playing tricks on their younger siblings... I never did, but I've heard stories.

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