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I DON'T like Opossums
Not because they are fat
'Cause their tails are so long
And they look like a Rat

They hiss and they spit
They steal my Cat's food
They just might hungry
It strikes me as, well, rude

Not as brave as my Dog
Not cuddly like Cats
Not really their fault that
They look like big, fat rats


I guess that they are
As God made them to be
Might just give them a chance
Same chance that God gave me


I caught an Opossum eating our Cat's food last night and I just naturally did not like the thing. But then I realized that the Opossum was just doing what Opossums do. Not really his fault. And then this Silly poem started oozing out of my brain. Sometimes God does that to me. Sort of like that Opossum.

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