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Dogs and Cats
Wake and sleep
Red and green
Shallow and deep

Fast and slow
Day and night
Rabbits and Turtles
Black and white

Hard and soft
Young and old
Smooth and rough
Hot and cold

High and low
Boy and girl
Tall and short
Straight and curl

Big and small
Good and bad
In and out
Happy and sad

Right and wrong
Up and down
Bright and dark
Smile and frown

Heavy and light
Round and square
Cause and effect
Foul and fair

Sweet and sour just can't be beat
They said it could work, well never
'Cause we're a Dog and a Cat
And opposites attract
That's why we're Best Friends Forever


This Silly Poem rolled around in my head for quite a while... unsure of how to organize itself. When I finally wrote it down I noticed that most of the pairs aligned themselves with other pairs that sort of made sense. Anyway, I know it's long but I hope you like it.

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