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Eager as a Beaver
Busy as a Bee
Does NOT sound relaxing
Does NOT sound much like me

Hungry as a Lion
I could eat a Cow
A silly phrase they use
I never would, no how

I’m clumsy as an Ox
Bull in a China shop
Really I’m quite clever
‘Bout sly as an old Fox

I’m happy as a Clam
I’m all bark, no bite
Let’s let sleeping Dogs lie
No muss, no fuss, no fight

The Cat’s out of the bag
I’m a Fish out of water
I do know that I should
Just do just what I Otter

A little Bird told me
You’re a Pig in a poke
Have you EVER cleaned your room
Your mom says it’s a joke

So maybe that old Beaver
That busy, busy Bee
Might know something I don’t know
Have something to teach me


I heard someone say one of these silly phrases, so I wrote down a bunch of others and tried to make a Silly Kids Poem that makes SOME sort of sense out of them. Sometimes it goes like that.

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