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You could pose what potatoes and peas
Have to do with punctuation and such
When talking ‘bout vegetable planting
I would say, “well, it could be quite much.”

Commas especially mean a great deal
Their importance not overly stressed
It could change a thing to another
Use them proper I think would be best

It’s such a small thing, what’s the big deal
You might very well say, “Hmmm, pish posh.”
I beg to differ, a difference it makes
Could be severe, by golly, by gosh

If you’re careless and leave out a comma
The results could be sad, very sad
Saying, “Let’s go plant, Mom and Dad,” is good
“Let’s go plant Mom and Dad!” is, well, bad.


I was reading a novel by a famous author and found a missing comma that totally changed the meaning of the sentence.(It happens to the best of us.) So I wrote this and thought it quite funny.

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