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The life of a drop of water is grand
I spend my days up in the sky
I see mountains and lakes and rivers and streams
I’m in one of those clouds passing by

When I jump off the cloud I’ll have my choice
I can be rain, hail, sleet, or snow
The wind swirls round and buffets about
I’m excited, one, two, three, HERE I GO

The adventure’s begun, where will I be
Might fall on a tropical reef
Be part of a lake or river that flows
I dream to quench the thirst of a leaf

But to my dismay, I spy something green
Hip-hops to the end of a log
Instead of a lake of beautiful blue
I’m slurped up by the tongue of a frog


I remember when I wrote this one. I was watching rain falling on my fish pond and I thought what it must be like to be a drop of rain. Hmmm.

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