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Ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise
Horse radish, pickles, relish
Some kids, just sort of weird
Use chocolate to embellish

The food set on the table
Mom or Dad prepares to eat
It's not just for nutrition
More than keeps me on my feet

Brings out the essence of my food
That's why it's called a spice
A necessary additive
That makes my food taste nice

Jalapeno, salt and pepper
Many more that I could name
Cilantro, parsley, cinnamon
Part of this spicy game

Delicious on my pizza
French toast, spaghetti and fish
Makes tastier mostly anything
That can be made into a dish

You put them on, well, everything
Food's flavor to enhance
It's almost an imperative
A gustatory dance

The bestest spice that I can think
To put into my belly
I'm sure that you can guess
Definitely... peanut butter and jelly


As a kid I could not imagine anything better than PB and J. Mmmmmm! Although not so much any more, I still have taste memories that make me smile.

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