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I woke up this morning
With a list in my head
Of fun things to do
Gotta get out of bed

There’s running, there’s jumping
I can spin, so much more
My options, endless
‘Cause that’s what Summer’s for

There’s hiding and seeking
On a warm Summer’s night
Biking and hiking
When my world is just right

There’s flipping and flopping
Just because I’m a kid
Swimming and diving
So much more that I did

There are SO many -ings
That turn nouns into verbs
Where do I go now
For a rhyme, I’ll use curbs

There’s kicking, not my Sis
Though she is quite a rat
But still, no I won’t
I would NEVER do that

I hear Mom clattering
In the kitchen, what’s more
Bad feeling ‘bout this
My backpack’s by the door

Just remembered what’s what
Yessiree, I’m a fool
Of course I forgot
It’s the first day of school


I remember the endless days of Summer when I was a kid, thinking just like this... but I do NOT have a sister.

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