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I'll tell you my tale
But promise you will
To keep the story between us

My sin was a thing
Just a crime so small
It actually was quite genius

I sit in my chair
By myself alone
The tragedy starts to unfold

To my mom I lied
I know that it's wrong
So this is the story I told

Take your clothes upstairs
And put them away
They're clean and already folded

This was NOT a thing
A waste of my time
Said I, but then I was scolded

Upstairs in my room
I said to myself
I'll not do this thing, no I won't

I tossed all my clothes
A heap on the floor
Turned around, down the stairs, no don't

That was WAY too fast
My mom is not dumb
It's got to take longer to do...

...The thing that she asked
Think, think, make a plan
If I could I'd blame it on you

I stand on the stairs
Two minutes, no three
Wasted time to make it seem right

You put them away
I said, "Yes, I did."
I started to sweat, thought I might

Like I said before
My mom is not dumb
She knew there was something I hid


I sit in my chair
By myself alone
Don't lie when you done what you did


This saga of a Silly Kids Poem is, yes, something I actually did when I was a kid. And I know what you're thinking, "How did this guy make it out of childhood alive?"

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