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I was standing in line
With my mom, dad and sister
We’d been walking for hours
Both feet had big blisters

Pirates of the Caribbean
We were almost there
Always my favorite ride
But THE VOICE didn’t care

Get yourself out of bed
Stop your dreaming, you’re late
It’s the third time this week
Time to eat, school won’t wait

Disneyland was a dream
It was now clear to me
I was longing for summer
Let me sleep, let me be

Get your clothes, wash your face
I won’t tell you again
To get ready for school
You’d think sleep was a sin

Your homework’s not done
Your lunch is not made
THE VOICE just got louder
I wished it would fade

I ducked under my pillow
And I covered my ears
Did not want to get up
This just might come to tears

The footsteps got louder
They were coming my way
I feared it was over
Now I knew I would pay

I could tell there was trouble
I got dragged out of bed
Got pulled by my ankles
Hit the floor with my head

I abandoned my quest
To try to sleep in
My dreams disappeared
As if they’d never been

When I got to the table
And propped open my eyes
My mom looked so sorry
But I wasn’t sure why

My mom said to me
I’m not sure what to say
You can go back to bed
Today is Saturday


Another long one, but I seem to remember doing something similar to our kids.

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