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The fish in the lake
Saw a worm on a hook
You look tasty to eat don’t you see.
He said to the worm
It’s time for my lunch
And I’m hungry so listen to me.

Just hold nice and still
And I’ll eat you real quick
With a gulp and a gobble and burp.
Of course if I could
And you’d wish that I would
I could do it in one single slurp.

Don’t eat me just yet
You must listen and learn
Can’t you see I’m a worm on a hook?
There must be a thing
You could eat instead
It’s not me, no it’s you will get took.

The fish swam around
And around he did look
He saw that the worm didn’t lie.
He thought as he could
And finally he said
Well, you know that I don’t want to die.

If you do what I ask
As a favor to me
I will teach you just what you should know.
Get me off this hook
So I can be free
I’ll save your life and you let me go.

The fish helped the worm
Down off of the hook
With a tug fish pulled hard on the line.
The worm gave him thanks
Fish swallowed worm whole
If worm was alive he’d know better next time.


This one's sort of long, but it's one of my favorites. I was wondering what fish think when they see food on a hook? Maybe the hunger just sort of takes over.

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