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This kid is 10 years old
A double digit dude.
With a couple of really cool pets
If I guess I must conclude...

A Llama, no, a Wombat?
Nope! A Labradoodle dog.
There must be, hmmm, another pet
YES! A rabbit, not a hog.

And he sings and he draws
The talent just oozes out.
Getting good, better, best
Of that there is no doubt.

Now a guy as cool as this
His name’s gotta have pizzazz.
Not Tim, not Tom, not even Fred
I wish MY name was Jaz



THIS Challenge took a little more thought because it's for a more grown up kid.

But I think the poem tells us why grandma loves him so much.

Thanks for giving me the chance to write this. Very FUN.

Hope y'all enjoy!

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