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I tried to comb my hair today

And what to my surprise

An alligator caught my comb

On his wet and scaly thighs.

I told the gator to get out

You belong not in my locks.

But he replied, "The monkey said

I could stay if I wore socks."

"Socks," I yelled. "There's no socks on your toes.

Whatever can you mean?"

"Not my toes," he snapped with his pearly whites.

"On my ears," said this creature bright green.

There's no green, no brown, no pearly white

In the hair on my head, just my curls.

To prove it, I shook it, my Jungle Hair

And out fell a frog named Earl.

Earl the frog hopped round and round

Then right back into my hair.

I reached and grabbed to get him out

Then shouted, "Hey, get out of there."

To my surprise Earl croaked right back

In a throaty croak no less.

"When I find my dinner I'll leave hip hop

No fight, no fuss, no mess."

Swack! With a flip and a soggy flop

A slobbery tongue wet my ear.

With a hip and a hop Earl sailed right by

And croaked, "I'm outa here."

"'Bout time," said a voice with a furry tail.

A monkey? How did you come to be

With the rest of these creatures on top of my head?

"Ask the elephant," he said, "then you'll see."

How we came to be on top of your head

To live here for just a bit.

It's getting a little bit crowded

I can't find a good place to sit.

"An elephant, rhino, yak and a lemur,"

I said to the slithery snake.

"Do I look like a cab or a boarding house?

How much more do you think I can take?"

When you went to the zoo with your school yesterday

"Let's escape," said the snake to his friends.

But we're tired now and want to go home.

Call a cab and we'll call this the end.

Jungle Hair



When this Silly Poem started to fall out of my head it just kept coming and coming. I decided to let it go until it stopped.

It's very silly and nonsensical so I think kids might think it's funny... 'cause that's how kids are supposed to be.

Hope they like it!

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