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Kangaroos play Didgeridoos
Rhinoceros plays his own horn
Bobcat has been a cool feline
Played the keys since the day she was born

The Bass plays the bass
Sounds not quite what it oughta
‘Cause the band is on dry land
And the Bass is a fish in the water

The Baboon really swings
The Squid’s not from the Congo
But eight arms are, well, great
To beat on the drums and the bongo

To be honest, it sounds bad
As a record with a scratchy needle
They should play with some insects
‘Cause they’ll NEVER be good like the Beatles


Kangaroo Band

Sometimes a poem comes out that I'm not especially happy with. This is one of those.


And I'm not sure why.

So give me some feedback with a thumbs up or down.

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