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A cat is normal

A dog, maybe so.

But a kangaroo for a pet

Might NOT be the way to go.

My friends being friends

Made my life a bit hard.

When I took my kangaroo

Out in the front yard.

Their dogs they did walk

Their cats... more a drag.

My kangaroo jumps

And each jump is, well, MAG...

...NIFICENT, that's it.

There's no other way

To believe how high she jumps

We might test it one day.

She's not on a leash

Goes wherever she wants.

With me in her pouch

Despite my friend's taunts.

My friend's dogs chase sticks

Their cats? Nap time!'s noon.

Kangaroo Penelope and me

We jumped over the moon.

Kangaroo Penelope

I wrote Kangaroo Penelope because I was thinking about strange pets that people have...


...and because I really wanted to draw and paint a kangaroo. Sometimes that's the way it goes.

And, no, I haven't done the drawing and painting yet. But I will soon!

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