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Llamas don't like commas.

That's the rumor that I heard

From the Myna and the Parrot.

Just some talk from brains of birds.

I asked the Elephant if he nose

If the Leopards might just spot.

Not sticking his neck out too far

What the Giraffe might think or thought.

I asked the Yak if he Gnu

Why the Llama was just so.

Though I pushed and pulled my stubborn friend

But, of course, he said, "I don't gno."

Bee 'cause Llamas don't like commas

Though I never found out just why.

When ere close enough to ask, I was

Llama just smiled and spit in my eye.

Llamas Don't Like Commas


woke me up in the middle of the night... I think.

That's probably the only way something so nonsensical could ever fall out of my pencil.

I'm glad I got up and wrote it down 'cause it just sort of spilled out in a jumble. I doubt I would ever be able to write something this Silly if I was actually trying to.

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