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My mom woke up sick before school yesterday
Dad said we were in for a treat.
Little did I know when he made me my lunch
‘Stead of Ding Dongs I got pickled pigs feet.

Though trading of lunches is expressly forbidden
I thought I would give it a try.
But I understand now why we’re told not to switch
My first trade got me nothing but flies.

Bert gave me dirt
From his moldy red shirt.

The germs I could see
Don’t appeal much to me.

I traded the germs
And got nothing but worms.

Sam traded jam
Spread on pieces on Spam.

I got slugs full of bugs
From my new best friend Doug.

Got a sack full of poo
From a buddy named Lou.

Next morn I woke early to see how mom was
It’s not that I don’t love my dad.
But he’s better at fixing the roof and the car
While with lunches he’s really quite bad.

Lunch Trading


LUNCH TRADING is another one of those poems that I have no idea where it came from. It just popped out of my head and fell onto the paper.

But kids can probably relate. And it has absolutely NOTHING to do with MY ability to cook.

I hope they think it's SILLY!

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