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An octopus lives at my house

Not sure how it got there.

On this day it wasn't

The next it was, I swear.

Have I seen the cephalopod

The eight legged creature?

In my sink or the bath... no

Just its defining feature.

It grabs all my stuff

Just MY stuff, not my dad's.

Sticky tentacles loaded

It's really getting quite bad.

Not my dog, not my cat

No SIREE, it's just her.

The sticky fingered thief

I'm so mad, well, just... grrrrr.

Octavia the Octopus

Why Octavia instead of just Mr.

Don't ask me, ask my parents

'Cause they named her, she's my sister.

Octavia the Octopus

This one will be fun to illustrate. Not sure when I'll get to it, but I will eventually!

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