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My nickname is unfortunate
Though some say well deserved.
And even though it was just once
My mom was, well, perturbed.

— it was like this —

Green beans are quite healthy
Or so I’ve heard them say.
But I think that they’re disgusting
In every sort of way.

Their palette is OK, I guess
I like the color green.
But the texture and the taste, of course
You agree is, well, obscene .

I only tried to eat them once
You say, “That’s not quite fair!”
My parents said that very thing
Till I threw up in my mother’s hair.

Penny Puke

I've had more than a few friends ask why, given my dislike for Green Beans, I haven't written a poem about Green Beans.

So I did.

I know this is gross. But keep in mind that these poems are written for kids. And they will probably think it's funny.


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