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I Take...

A Snake for a slither
A Dog for a walk
A Camel for a trek
A Parrot for a talk

A Fish for a swim
A Lemur for a leap
A Shark for his dinner
A Cat for a sleep

A Duck for a waddle
A Panda for a roll
A Hippo for a dip
A Penguin to a pole

A Giraffe for a stretch
A Horse for a stroll
A Bug for a buzz
Prairie Dog to his hole

A Sloth goes nowhere, they’re too slow

I Take...

A Dolphin for a spin
A Bird on a wing
A Kangaroo for a hop
A Monkey for a swing

A Skeeter for a bite
A Slug for a slime
A Wolf for a howl
A Goat for a climb

A Skink for a slink
A Hawk for a dive
A Flea for a jump
A Bee to a hive

A Jelly for a float
A Lion for a pride
An Elephant to the yard
They’re too big to keep inside

Take a Skunk, well, anywhere
As long as it’s far away from me
You wonder what’s the point?
All this to say... we’ll see

I’m not trying to make excuses
It’s just a matter of time
My homework not yet finished
That’s why I made this rhyme

I don’t think my teacher
Will believe I’ve this many pets
My Dog ate my homework
While too often used, might be my best bet.

Pet Parade


is a VERY long Silly Kids Poem. For some reason I started to think about the different words that would describe taking different pets for a walk.

(And the best parades are long, right?)

But then I had to figure out why this would be a problem.

Hope you actually make it to the end of the poem and ENJOY it.

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