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PJs in BED

Get up out of bed
For school you’ll be late
My mother did yell
Once or twice, maybe eight

My poor haggard mom
Her hair turning gray
She says ‘cause the kid
My fault? There’s no way

I’ll figure this out
I know that I can
It can’t be that hard
The genius I am

My sister I paid
Get me out of bed
She swears that she tried
Kept sleeping instead

It’s not that I won’t
Get up, out the door
I just need more time
So mom won’t get sore

Hey! What if I eat
Break my fast night before
Hmm, that might be dumb
I guess I’m not sure

Might save me some time
An hour, maybe more
I know what to do
Get dressed night before

Once under covers
You might think I’m lazy
I kick off my shoes
I mean, I’m not crazy

I thought I was smart
Nere thought of before
But dressed while I slept
Made me sweaty for sure

So clever or not
I guess mom was right
In PJs not clothes
Good luck and good night

PJs in Bed

PJs in BED

seems like an obvious thing. But obviously not to a young boy with, um, a creative imagination.

So, yes, I actually did this when I was a kid. And, yes, I woke up all sweaty. Although I felt a bit better when my daughter said that she also used to do this. Maybe it's genetic.

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