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Popcorn has been your favorite food

The bestest snack or treat.

I've been asked to make a silly rhyme

About that and Kendall's feet.

What do the two just have to do

I wonder, what would I say?

With each other it's really strange

In a Silly sort of way.

How handy, dandy, right and useful

Your piggies small can be.

If used the way the monkeys do

Stay sharp and follow me.

Your toes, yes sir, it's true and blue

So obvious you adore.

Why were you blind and did not see

The truth you knew before?

With hands and feet, fingers and toes

Popcorn, your favorite food.

Put twice as much and twice as fast

Into your mouth, so good.

So there it is, Kendall, my friend

A poem just for you.

I'm glad you didn't ask me to find

A rhyme with Kalamazoo.

This challenge was from a high school girl that did not want to write a poem for her English class because she said it was hard.

When I tried to show her how easy it was to write a poem, she challenged me to write one about her name, her favorite food, and just to make it hard... her toes.

Hope you think it's funny.

P.S. I couldn't write poetry in high school either.

Popcorn Toes
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