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Porcupines are thought to be quite pretty
Though prickly and, yes, hard to pet.
They’re awkward and, well, hard to pack
If you try you’d agree I’ll bet.

But Skunks are stinky, Cats a bit lazy
And Dogs tend to drool, yes they do.
No one knows what a Wombat is
Least I really don’t, well, do you?

Despite their downside they’ve nothing to hide
Except manners when they have been feeded.
The obvious thing that’s been overlooked
They’re quite handy when toothpicks are needed.



PORCUPINES, oddly enough, did not come to me all at once. I wrote the first bit a LONG time ago.

The rest came to me tonight, with the last line surprising me as I wrote it.

Hope your kids think it's Silly.

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