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(I'm going to need your help with this one)

Sammie Cat started eating words

Of poems that I write.

All prim and proper on my lap

She puts up quite a .......

Not all the words, of course, not her

She's picky when she dines.

Not beginning words or middle words

Just last words in the .......

We feed her, yes! We surely do

She's really quite the pig.

I'm at a loss. What's my plan?

Inside my brain I'll .......

I've given up, hey WAIT! I see!

Not worth the trouble, no.

You'll have to help, yes, I mean you

You CAN! Just have a .......

I knew you could, I knew for sure

Of that I had no doubt.

So thanks for helping save the day

That's what it's all .......


Sammie Cat

Not quite sure where SAMMIE CAT came from. I have another poem or two where the kids have to fill in the endings. My nieces in New Zealand said they really had fun guessing.

So I thought I'd give a reason and blame my cat for the missing words.

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