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My teacher said she
Had a project for us.
That’s not usually good news
So we made quite the fuss.

But then she brought out
Tiny packets of seed.
She said, “You’ll be farmers
and learn how they feed.”

Excited were we
This was something quite new.
No math or spelling involved
It’s all up to you.

I hoed and I planted
In straight even rows.
I watered and weeded
As everyone knows

That has to be done
To get things to bloom.
If I’d given more thought
I would know comes my doom.

I grew beans and asparagus
Spinach and kale.
Egg plant, garbanzos
And then my face paled.

My teachers and parents
Surely planned this, it’s wrong.
You grew it, you eat it
‘Twas the plan all along.

School Project


is another poem about... you guessed it... vegetables.

I'm not sure why I seem to write so much about vegetables. Probably because kids tend to complain about them so much.

And maybe because I don't like green beans.

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