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I've got 99 brothers and sisters

I'm the youngest one by lots

When you've got this many siblings

You just go with what you gots

I've been the same size

Since I can't remember when

The rest are all bigger

Than me 'cause I'm only ten

There's Jimmy and Kathy

And Bobby and Glen

All the usual names

It didn't take long, but then

They ran out of names

No surprise you can guess

When they got to the Z's

And had twins, what a mess

It got hard to remember

All the names of the kids

So they thought about numbers

But that's not what they did

My parents got sort of silly

They can't really be blamed

It turned into a contest

To come up with a name

There was Boxer and Bumper

Then Zipper and Kronk

Sparkles and Sprinkles

And Tinkle and Tonk

But now things have changed

Just how happy I'll be

I'm no longer the youngest

And HER name's simply Z


Sometimes I know what I was thinking and where a poem comes from. But that didn't happen with


It just sort of... spilled out of my head. And it kept coming and coming.

After this I decided to try to write shorter poems. But I still like it and think it is quite Silly, but fun.

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